Newsletter providers

A newsletter provider is a fairly simple class that exposes a subscribee() method. That method calls an API to add the supplied email address to a mailing list. Which list to add the email address to is determined by the value of the kwargs passed to that method. These should match settings specified in the Django settings file for that newsletter provider.

The simplest way to setup a provider is to specify the following in your Django settings file:

...     'API_KEY': 'mykey',
...     'LIST_IDS': {
...         'new_signup': '1234567890'
...     }
... }

The idea here is that the provider you use will translate the API_KEY argument to one which it understands, and the same with the list IDs. That way you can refer to multiple mailing lists within your application code without having to store the ID of that list in more than one place. Also, if you change providers, you don’t need to change anything other than the value of each item in the LIST_IDS dict.

class bambu_mail.newsletter.ProviderBase(**kwargs)

The provider class is instantiated by bambu_mail.shortcuts.subscribe. Kwargs are gathered from the NEWSLETTER_SETTINGS variable within the Django settings file. Because Bambu Mail is provider agnostic, it’s likely that one provider won’t understand the kwargs of another, so a keyword argument of ARG_MAPPINGS can be set, where the key is the globally-recognised name for an argument, and the value is the name for that argument that only the specific provider understands.

class bambu_mail.newsletter.mailchimp.MailChimpProvider(**kwargs)

Mailchimp provider that allows new signups to be automatically added to a Mailchimp list.

  • email – The email address to add to the mailing list
  • list_id – The mailing list to subscribe the user to (as defined in the NEWSLETTER_SETTINGS setting)
  • kwargs – Additional arguments to be passed to the subscription system